tentpole premium services

Industry premium services including e-delivery, studio proprietary interfaces, tools access, beta program access, engineering support.

Show Drive Services

AutoDCP can collect your filmmakers DCPs for you and give you a HDD which you can then deliver to the theater.

$800 + fedex. We will not ship later than 10 days prior to the festival start date.

Custom DCP creation

Custom encoding services if you don't have time or can't use AutoDCP yourself, let us do it for you.

$500 + an additional $5 per minute fee. Allow at least 10 business days from any required due date.

Custom Delivery Services

Don't understand dropbox, want to use some other service like google drive or aspera? Or simply don't have the time? We can still delivery your DCP to any of our supported festivals, with our custome delivery services.

$500 per DCP. This service is only available if more than 10 days remain to the festival delivery due date.

Using AutoDCP to make a DCP or upload an existing DCP, and finally delivering your DCP's to a festival
  1. Requirements for using AutoDCP
  2. Activating AutoDCP
  3. Making a DCP
  4. Uploading an existing DCP made by yourself or others
  5. Delivering your DCP to a participating festival
Frequently asked questions
  1. Why do I need a DCP and what is it?
  2. The festival is not available to ship to? You didn't click on the festival signup link in step #2.
  3. Has the festival received my DCP?
  4. Aspects, framing, source requirements?
  5. About AutoDCP's subscription edelivery service, how to change your subscription, what's included and more.
  6. Common mistakes and recommendations.
  7. Dropbox syncing, can't see your DCP in AutoDCP My DCPs?
  8. Additional AutoDCP services.
  9. Need more help? File a support ticket.
  10. Privacy & Terms of Service.